About us

PROiURiS Lawyers is a joint trademark covering the cooperation of member- lawyers in providing of legal services. We have been operating under this brand in Slovakia since 2008. The intention for establishing our lawyers´ association was to connect people from various law firms possessing long term practice and many years of professional experience. The aim is to provide our clients with high-quality legal services at a high professional level in several legal fields thanks to the specialization of our lawyers. Mutual cooperation enables us to create a larger team for large-scale projects, operational brainstorming necessary in search of quality and innovative solutions to legal problems and dispute strategies of our clients, providing mutual substitutability.
Benefits of the lawyers´ association for our clients:
  • Many years of experience of our lawyers – 22 to 38 years
  • We are members of the Slovak Bar Association; some lawyers are also members of other professional organizations and chambers
  • We share good understanding of local needs of our clients
  • We provide each client with a personal approach and high-level professionalism
  • Compared to large multinational law firms our main advantage is a stable team of people
  • Our lawyers speak German, English and Hungarian at a high level
  • We represent clients from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Scotland, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, United Arab Emirates, and Israel.
  • Our clients come from various business areas such as power industry, logistics, mineral trade, debt recovery, engineering and automotive, IT, retail, construction, insurance, agricultural sector, direct marketing, media and events, real estate development
  • Thanks to cooperation with law firms operating abroad, we can ensure the representation of our clients in most European Union countries, especially the Czech Republic, Austria, various federal states of Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden, as well as in the United Kingdom and Turkey
  • We provide our clients with in-house seminars in various legal areas
  • We prepare regular reports on changes in legislation in specific legal areas according to client requirements and focus
  • Thanks to the professional specialization of our member-lawyers, we can cover demands in various fields of law
  • Our association works closely with notaries, auditors, accountants, tax advisors, interpreters, and translators
  • We have liability insurance for damages caused during performance of the legal profession up to the amount of 3.763.460 € with the possibility of an increase if necessary