1. Corporate law (company law)
    • Setting up companies
    • Corporate changes, mergers, splits
    • Liquidation
    • Transfer of registered office within the EU
    • Provision of registered office and management of client’s assets
    • Internal relations in a company and relations of statutory bodies
    • Registration in the Register of public sector partners
  2. M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)
    • National mergers
    • Cross-border mergers
    • Due diligence (legal audit)
  3. Contract law
    • Advice and participation in trade negotiations
    • Information on Contracting Parties
    • General Terms and Conditions
    • Form and framework contracts
    • Debt collection management (judicial and out of court debt recovery, execution procedure)
  4. Antitrust and competition law (protection against unfair competition)
  5. Protection of business name, GDPR, data security
  6. Protection of intellectual property rights and industrial property rights
    • Registrations of trademarks in the Slovak Republic and in the EU
    • Copyright contracts
  7. Securities law (specialisation in shares, bills of exchange and cheques)
  8. Insurance and banking law